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Monday, March 24, 2014

Internal Marketing

Marketing is what your office does to bring in patients. There are two types, internal and external.  Today we are going to focus on active events that you and your staff can do that would be considered internal marketing. Internal marketing are activities that occur in the office that help bring in new patients or help find opportunities for the dentist in order to build the practice. 
It starts with asking for a referral. During the team huddle, look through the schedule. Identify which patients you want to see more of. 

Second, look at if you had the ideal practice which individuals on the schedule you would want in your office?  These are the individuals you are going to ask for a referral from. You don’t want patients that you struggle to get paid from or ones that cancel over and over.  People spend time with which they are most like. So, you want to bring more patients through the door that smile when they are there, enjoy coming to the dentist, and keep their appointments.  Post a sign up that let’s individuals know about your referral incentive.

Utilize demand force or a website that has the same capability to send out reminders to patients about their appointments. Set up a system where the patient will receive an email in advance and then a text a day in advance. Ask them to confirm their appointment.

Set up a contest where a patient can win a fancy toothbrush or free whitening. This can be advertised on your external marketing but it will also get patients excited about coming to your office. Excited patients talk to other people. Individuals can go to just about every corner and find a dentist so, make sure that your marketing is the one that keeps grabbing their attention. 

External marketing helps continue to build your patient base. New patients equals new opportunities. 

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