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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who makes change happen?

Sometimes when we are at work and a system fails you may be quick to jump to a new process or procedure. Then a few weeks go by and you walk into your office and the same system is still failing. Don't blame the change, you have to take a look at your people.

Change is carried out by the people that work in your office. It is not possible to assess how change is going without looking the people that are supposed to be carrying out the expected change. When change fails, reflect on why? Is it because of the structure of the policies? Or is it because an individual in the office doesn't want to see the change happen?

If you as the leader focus's too much on the new procedure or policy without looking at the people that are supposed to be making the change you undermine the value of what  you are trying to do. Change is hard and therefore, the more you can support the individuals in your organization the more likely it is that change will be successful.

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