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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stages of Concern

When something ends in our life there are seven stages of grief that individuals go through. Everyone moves through these stages at a different rate and not everyone experiences them in the same order. Some people may skip a stage completely. There are also seven stages of concern that an individual goes through when change occurs as well. It is important as a leader of the organization to understand these stages because you will be able to analyze potential problems. You will also know when people hit a certain stage what information to present to them at that time. For example, when an individual is at stage two which is personal, you can begin to share with them information on who the change is going to impact your life. However, if an individual is at stage management, you will need to focus your energy on refining the change.

Use the seven step model of concern to better support your organization and the individuals within. Just like stages of grief, individuals will pass through the levels at different times and may stay in one stage longer than others or they may skip a step altogether. That part is not as important as knowing which characteristics a team member will display within each level.

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