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Monday, March 3, 2014

Change-a process or event?

Change occurs often in our worlds. When it happens it is either a process or an event. Think of an event as a wedding. It may be big or small. There is planning that goes into the event. People get dressed up and there is usually some nervous energy. An event occurs once, there is a big to do and then it is over. You clean up and go home. While the happy couple goes on their honeymoon.

While a process looks completely different. There is a starting point and an ending point that is planned out. There are steps along the way that different people are going to take. You may even have different people in charge of different components of the process. When change is a process it might have time lines that need to be met.

If everyone approached change as a process individuals might handle it better. For example, if you took a big change and broke it down into smaller parts it is easier for individuals to handle the change. You can work as a team to analyze how the plan is going along the way and problem solve when you need to. It may not be beneficial for you to plan for the change to occur over night as this may cause unnecessary stress on everyone. 

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