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Monday, March 31, 2014

External Marketing

Internal Marketing

External Marketing:

We discussed marketing last week.  I hope you were able to engage in some external marketing and saw the benefit. Marketing is critical in order for you to bring in new patients and helps reward your current patient base. External marketing is activities that help boost your current patient base to feel valued and to give them information while also increasing the word about your office.


There are several types of external marketing that you can do. Including Facebook,   a Website, and a blog.  You may also utilize, Yelp, Google plus and twitter. However, these are just a few of the social media sites that you may use in order to market your business. Each site can be set up and managed using Hootsuite to help you organize your posts.

There is a variety of quotes and information you can post on these sites. Research suggests that Facebook users want to get to know you and your office. They want to know what is going on in your office. It is an extension of who you and your staff is. Contests, questions and data can also help bring individuals flocking to your site.  Each post can be unique and different on each site, or you can post the same quote or information piece across multiple social media sites.

Blog posts can be short, sweet and informational. About three hundred to four hundred words can help support a blog, two times a week. When creating a blog make sure to give readers information that is about your practice and topics that interest the population of patients you see. For example, if you see children in your office that focus on information that is going to be important to parents.

A few tips and tricks:

1.     Be consistent
2.     Use information that is relevant
3.     Do giveaways or contests every once in awhile
4.     Post photos
5.     Create QR codes in the office for patients to scan and quickly get to your site

    Great teams take effort. Take time to work on your practice regularly to build quality communication and strengthen your results. For more information and to read other articles, please visit us at www.saltdpm.com.

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